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Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Atec Group has partnered with Fortinet to provide a complimentary Cyber Threat Assessment to businesses and enterprises who want to better understand their cyber security posture.

How Does The Fortinet CTAP Work?

The CTAP engagement is a comprehensive cyber security posture analysis that runs inside your network. The process requires minimal intervention from the client and provides a wealth of actionable information.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

We’ll schedule a call with you to ask some questions about how your network is configured. Questions we might ask on this call will include:

  • What kind of Firewall or security appliance are you running in production right now?
  • Are your switches “managed” switches?
  • How many users do you have?

Step 2 – Deploy the test

The information that you provided to us in the previous step allows us to customize the assessment so we can deliver a customized report, and ensure that the test does not have any impact on production network usage.

Step 3 – Collect Data

Over the next 7-10 days, the unit or VM that we deploy to your network will collect all kinds of data. Some of the data that the CTAP collects is as follows:

  • Packet level data
  • Types of traffic that pass in and out of your network
  • Potentially unwanted traffic
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Individual hosts inside your network that are vulnerable to attack

Step 4 – Deliver Report

In the 4th and final step, we will schedule a time to go over the report findings, and areas on your network that might require remediation or special technical consideration.

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