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Webinar: Migrating On-Prem Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Webinar Details

    Duration: 1 hour

    Date: 3-29-2023 @ 11:30 am Eastern Time (New York)

    Location: Virtual

    Host: Rick Conlee

    Who should attend this cloud migration webinar?

    • IT Administrators who are thinking of moving to the cloud
    • Systems Engineers who want to learn about modern cloud migrations and cloud paradigms
    • Management who want to understand what goes into on-prem to cloud type migrations.

    94% of companies were reported to be using cloud services in 2022 in some capacity (source). Remote work and the rapid need to iterate through various technology services and components remain key driving factors of modern cloud adoption through 2023.

    Many workloads still rely upon legacy architectures and have yet to adopt the cloud fully. In this webinar, we will walk you through a complete migration using modern tooling and methodologies.

    What tools and methods will we cover in this webinar?

    We will be using modern tools and paradigms to execute this migration. We will be taking a “DRY” approach (DRY = “Don’t Repeat Yourself”) and will be leveraging automation to reduce the time needed to deploy everything into Azure. We will be taking pages out of the modern DevOps playbook.

    • Microsoft AzureAzure will be our cloud destination. Azure is the #2 hyperscaler public cloud platform.
    • RedHat AnsibleAnsible is an IT automation platform. Ansible is Open Source Software. Ansible will be used to perform “last-mile” configuration of various infrastructure components that we will be deploying into Azure.
    • Hashicorp TerraformTerraform is a tool that allows us to create scripted infrastructure. The tool is Open Source Software. Terraform allows us to define infrastructure strictly, deploy it, and store it in source control (Git/GitHub). This is known as “Infrastructure as Code” or IaC.
    • PowerShell – we will be using PowerShell to perform various configuration functions.

    Free Stuff!

    All the scripting we use for this migration will be distributed to participants during the webinar! The user can modify the scripts to reproduce the topics of the webinar. This is a tremendous opportunity because most admins keep these premium “secret sauce” items to themselves!

    Featured Presenter

    Headshot of Rick Conlee

    Rick Conlee is a DevOps Engineer by trade and an expert in hyperscaler clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Rick has extensive experience in the modern stack.
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