Embrace ever-changing business technologies with our proven workload automation solutions.

Most customers we speak with are struggling with the fast pace of change within their business. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cloud Adaptation
  • The need for multiple teams and disparate products to seamlessly collaborate
  • New applications that need to be integrated on a regular basis
  • Big Data and ERP platforms producing silos due to the lack of a single interface
  • Balancing budgets and integrating new technologies
  • Managing issues with batch window time & SLA’s for ETL and BI
  • Real time support and reducing recovery times
  • Ensuring audit and compliance guidelines are met for legislative and industry standards

We partner with BMC Control-M to help businesses embrace ever-changing technology by integrating additional applications into their environments quickly and smoothly, as well as enabling communication with applications from external organizations.

BMC Control-M simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads

Viewed as the leading workload automation solution by industry analyst firms, Control-M reduces operating costs, improves IT system reliability, and enables faster workflow deployments. BMC Control-M allows you to:

  • Automate and simplify batch job creation, scheduling, and management across IT environments.
  • Build and monitor workflows through a graphical interface that provides a single point of control for all company batch jobs.
  • Experience a common view of all enterprise workloads through a single, consistent GUI to automate workflow development, scheduling, and management.

Here’s how ATEC Group can help you to succeed with workload automation:

  • Consultancy: Our consultants are the best in the business, with an average of 10+ year’s enterprise scheduling experience.
  • Implementations: Whether you're moving to a new environment or from a legacy scheduling application, we'll help implement your new enterprise Workload Automation environment with phased and documented procedures.
  • Integrations: With unrivaled cross scheduling platform experience ATEC Group can help integrate and merge scheduling platforms or merge multiple Environments.
  • Upgrades and License Renewals: Beginning with an extensive system audit we'll document your environment and work with you to ensure the optimum upgrade experience.
  • Staffing & Management: Take advantage of our broad range of IT skill sets from project management, scheduling, operations, production control, systems administration and more.
  • Custom Training: We'll take the time to understand your environment then work with you to build a custom program to ensure that your engineers have the skills they need to get the job done.

Questions? We can help.


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