The Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) is a framework designed to assist your business with a quick, easy, and free insight into your security posture.

What is a CTAP?

Your network is a complex set of interactions between applications, users, and content at risk from sophisticated threats such as APTs, botnets, and advanced malware. Managing the complexities and blocking the threats requires greater visibility and performance than traditional network firewalls can provide. This is where the CTAP comes into play. It gives your business unprecedented insight into security and threat prevention, user productivity, and network utilization without compromising performance or adding latency.

How Do We Implement CTAP?

First and foremost, we understand that every business wants to optimize its security posture. But the problem is they may have a tough time doing so for various reasons (budget, manpower, etc.). That's why we ensure our CTAP is entirely free and hands-off for our customers. Here are the steps we take during our CTAP:

  • We install the needed software (1 day).
  • We run the CTAP remotely and let it do its thing (typically takes 3-7 days).
  • We create an assessment report (CTAR) (available within 2 days after receiving log files). The report output is in PDF format for easy reading.
  • That's it!

Questions? We can help.